Quick guide to surviving the snip


Your doctor. Your wife. And a female nurse.

There will be nurses prepping you for your procedure. Female nurses – and likely more than one. They will chat and laugh frequently. Don't worry. They may laugh with you, but they are not laughing at you. Well, probably not laughing at you. Unless you didn't follow all those pre-op instructions. Then maybe...


Awake... Lucid... And a little anxious. Find your happy place.

Prepare to have a focal point in the attempt to separate your mind from what is going on. If you’re not sure how to do this, ask your wife for help – she’s had to visit the OB-GYN at least once a year for half her life. But ladies, give your man a break. It may not be 'as painful as childbrith' but is it really a competition?


Be prepared for post-operative pain relief.

Save the frozen vegetables for dinner. You had your vas deferens clipped, not your manhood. VasectoPeaz lets you keep things cool without your 6-year old asking mommy what you are doing. More discreet. Less mess. More manly.

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Why choose VasectoPeaz®

Developed in consultation with physicians & urologists.

Our post-vasectomy cold therapy system delivers soothing, form-fitting cold therapy relief. The specially designed boxer brief let's your keep the boys on ice - discreetly.

Relieve pain. Reduce swelling. Reclaim your manhood.

VasectoPeaz® are easier to use than a bag of frozen vegetables and cause less mess. And let's not overlook the fact that there will be no confusion if the peas in the freezer are edible.

For when you go all juice and no seedz™

Relieve pain.
Reduce swelling.
Get off the couch faster.