5 Tips to Speed Post-Op Recovery

Test-Relaxing1.  Limit Physical Activity:  Although you may feel absolutely fine after your vasectomy, that is not an indication that you can be physically active. Consider this your hall pass to stay on the couch for 24 hours. The next day, you can resume light activities or work. Avoid straining for at seven days after surgery. Too much activity too soon might cause increased swelling and could prolong your recovery.

2.  No horseback riding: For at least seven days after the snip, avoid bumping, bouncing, or jarring (as in contact sports, jogging, skiing, even golf), or other vigorous activity, which might also cause bleeding inside the scrotum. Remember, “Prevention is the best remedy.”

VasectoPeaz vasectomy recovery system3.  Eazy Peazy:  Relieve pain and swelling with intermittent application of a cold pack for the first 36 to 48 hours. Doctors used to recommend frozen peas. The good news, like improvements in the procedure itself (no needle/no scalpel), now there is VasectoPeaz®. More discrete. More convenient. Less mess. More manly. So save the frozen vegetables for dinner and be prepared for post-op with VasectoPeaz - cold therapy specially designed for your prized possession.

4.  Hands Off:  Avoid touching or disturbing the site of the incision. Leave the gauze in place until the morning 2 days after the procedure, then remove it. Wait until you remove the dressing to shower.

Pregnant woman - Didn't follow post-vasectomy instructions5.  Wait:  Abstain from sexual stimulation for a couple days. You can resume sexual intercourse as soon as you are comfortable – usually about one to two weeks. Don’t get caught out. You must use another method of birth control until your semen is tested negative for sperm and you are sure your load isn’t loaded.

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