The Great Debate

Done Having Kids? Some people reach this point in their lives after having many children. Some after one child or even no kids at all.

Though the circumstances vary widely, millions of men and women have asked themselves the same two questions that go hand in hand:

Walnuts and a nutcrackerDo we have all the children we want and need? If so, who's getting “fixe?

Sure, there are pills and condoms and other less reliable methods. But if you are done... you are done. Time for someone to assume responsibility for permanent contraception. Many men receive less than subtle encouragement from their wive's to have a vasectomy. Vasectomy or celibacy, this ultimatum may sway your decision.

Feeling a little pressured to 'man up'? Uncross your legs. Take a deep breath. You are not alone. Statistics show that each year around 600,000 men, in the United States alone, decide to have a vasectomy.

Doctor putting on gloves to perform a vaseBut you're probably still silently asking,
Why you?
Why not her?

It may help to know that a vasectomy is widely considered by doctors to be the safest as well as most convenient form of permanent birth control.

Check out these facts to help ease your mind. Compared to a tubal ligation in a woman, a vasectomy:
  1. Offers more effective results.
  2. Is less risky. A vasectomy is performed with a local anesthetic; while a tubal ligation typically requires a woman to be put under a general anesthetic.
  3. Causes less discomfort.
  4. Has a faster recovery period with fewer complications.
  5. And after all, hasn’t your wife been through enough with labor and delivery?

Talk with your partnerThat said, wether or not to get the snip is still a big decision. While vasectomy reversals are increasingly successful, the decision to have a vasectomy should not be made with the expectation that it can be reversed.

Talk with your partner. In the end, if you and your partner are confident that you are ready for sex to be a recreational - not procreational - activity, a vasectomy is a safe and effective solution.

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