What is VasectoPeaz

  • VasectoPeaz® Recovery Kit

    VasectoPeaz® Recovery Kit

    VasectoPeaz® is all you need for eazy-peazy post-vasectomy recovery. Leave the vegetables on the dinner table. You're more manly than that.…

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  • Patent pending VirtualPeaz™

    Patent pending VirtualPeaz™

    VasectoPeaz come with a cold therapy pack featuring the patent-pending VirtualPeaz™ technologly. Deep penetrating cold The flexibility of a bag of frozen…

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  • The Boxer Brief

    The Boxer Brief

    Although loose fitting boxers with a clever design might be your lower layer of choice, snug fitting boxer briefs keep the…

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  • BONUS! Flannel Therapy Wrap

    BONUS! Flannel Therapy Wrap

    Your VasectoPeaz® includes a BONUS flannel therapy wrap. Simply slip the PeazPak into the pocket and you are ready for hot…

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  • Cools the Jewels

    Cools the Jewels

    Comfortable. Cool. Ready for your weekend on the couch. Honey... can you please bring me some nuts? Now... what to…

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  • RELAX — Free Pass

    RELAX — Free Pass

    You have a doctor prescribed 2-day pass. Put your feet up. Watch TV. Read a book. Delegate childcare. No workout…

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