My Wife Wants Me To Get a Vasectomy

So you're thinking about getting a vasectomy

Three guys discuss the advantages of getting the snip AND the best way to recover after

Deciding that your family is large enough and you and your partner are ready for a long-term solution is one of life's milestones. Do it with dignity.

When you do it - if you do it - recover the right way. Leave the peas on the dinner table. VasectoPeaz® is a patent-pending cold therapy system especially designed for post-vasectomy recovery and comfort.

What's in the box?

Is that VasectoPeaz in your boxer brief - or are you just ha-PEA to see me?

FrozenPeaz VirtualPeaz Technology

The PeazPak™

VasectoPeaz come with a cold therapy pack featuring the patent-pending VirtualPeaz™ technologly. Deep penetrating cold The flexibility of a bag of frozen peas as an ice pack The reusability of a gel ...

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VasectoPeaz White Boxer Brief

The Boxer Brief

Although loose fitting boxers with a clever design might be your lower layer of choice, snug fitting boxer briefs keep the boys from swinging. Excessive range of motion post-op should be avoided. If t...

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BONUS: Flannel Therapy Wrap

Bonus: Therapy Wrap

Your VasectoPeaz® includes a BONUS flannel therapy wrap. Simply slip the PeazPak into the pocket and you are ready for hot or cold therapy relief any time. Migraine headaches. Sinus pain. Dental treat...

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